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Water Conditioning and Treatment


ICB Group offers a full spectrum of works for water conditioning and treatment: design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and start-up, warranty and postwarranty maintenance service. All our technical solutions are based on the most advanced technologies of global producers.

The development of membrane technologies of water conditioning and treatment that ensures high-purity water production is one of our company’s primary directions: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis.

Besides, we rapidly develop the water conditioning and treatment directions with the use of magnetic water treatment technology, high-rate filters (delivery filters and gravity filters), carbon filters and ion exchangers.

Our specialists can carry out design and commissioning works, as well as personnel training for proper maintenance of membrane systems. ICB Group’s products are used in the following sectors:

  • urban water supply;
  • industrial water supply;
  • reactant treatment of closed cycles;
  • reactant treatment of boiler water;
  • chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Exclusive products:

  • Deep electrochemical softening (residual hardness till 0,6 mg-equivalent per liter);
  • Eectrochemical disinfection of water (recycling water) in the flow;
  • Mgnetic tretment of recycling water.

All these products was tested and showed itself to advantage.

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