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Sludges Dewatering. In today’s environmental and economic conditions dewatering of sludges at waste treatment plants with natural moisture removal by means of evaporation (sludge drying beds) is not always possible as it requires large areas. So, it is necessary to use more advanced sludges dewatering methods, such as mechanical moisture removal.

Depending on sludges’ type and their initial and required moisture content, we propose the following types of equipment for sludges mechanical dewatering: chamber filter presses, filterbelt sludge presses, screw filter presses and centrifuges.

Figure. Centrifuge (Decanter) in section

Subject to sludges’ type and equipment applied, mechanically dewatered sludge (cake) has moisture content 70 – 80%, which reduces its volume several times therefore dramatically decreases the cost for its transportation and discharge at a SDW landfill.

Filterbelt Sludge Press (operation principle)

ICB Group carries out engineering works, selection and delivery of all equipment required for sludges mechanical dewatering, as well as installation, commissioning and start-up works.

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