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Waste Water Advanced Treatment. Tertiary plants are intended for advanced treatment of domestic and similar composition industrial waste water that has already undergone primary biological purification.

Tertiary plants make it possible to reduce the content of suspended and organic substances to 3-5 mg/l, ammonium salts nitrogen (N) and phosphates (P2O5) to 0.5 mg/l, nitrates to 0.02 and nitrites to 10 mg/l by nitrogen.

For waste water advanced treatment, ICB Group’s specialists apply granular-bed filter (gravel-bed filters with ascending water flow and floating-bed filters), self-washing high-rate filters, carbon filters, microfilters, and ultrafiltration.

In granular-bed filters washing is water-and-air; purification effect by suspended substances is 70…85%, by BOD – 50…65% and by COD – 30…40%.

Self-Washing High-Rate Filters. The filter is based on a counterflow principle. Water enters through the inlet distributor in the bottom of the apparatus and is purified as it goes up through the sand layer before being discharged through the filter outlet.

Microfilters are screen rotating drums partially immersed into liquid. Waste water enters the drum, the contaminated inner surface is washed with water jets in the top of the drum. Purification efficiency of waste water that has already undergone biological purification by BOD is 20-30%, by suspended substances - 65-70%. Microfilters are easy to operate and do not require daily maintenance.

Ultrafiltration is used when it is required to obtain industrial water for further use – cleaning of equipment and premises, reagents’ dilution at a waste treatment plant, watering, etc. After final settling tanks water enters semipermeable membranes.

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