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Pyrolysis is a process of decomposition of complex (organic) substances at elevated temperatures without the participation of oxygen of the environment into elementary hydrocarbons.

Pyrolysis products, % (depending on primary raw material):

  • Pyrolysis oil from 40 to 75% (used as a good liquid fuel);
  • Pyrolysis gas from12 to 15% (used as a good gas fuel);
  • Pyrocarbon from 35 to 40% (used as a good solid fuel);
  • Metal cord to 8% (in utilization of used tyres).

Figure 1 – Pyrolysis plant for waste utilization with the production of pyrolysis gas (Ukraine)

The following waste can be pyrolyzed:

  • mechanical rubber goods;
  • oil slime;
  • wastewater sludge;
  • plastics waste (HD polyethylene, LD polyethylene), including medical waste: one piece syringes, vials, plastic wrapping, etc.;
  • biomass (straw, husk, dung, sawdust, and SDW);
  • peat, waste coal, lignin cellulose, etc.)

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