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A special feature of our biogas plants is that they are standardized. This reduces the design therefore capital expenditures significantly. In order to do primary calculations of a pig manure-based biogas plant, you should know:

  • manure type and moisture content;
  • quantity.

If it is difficult to determine the moisture content, you can use some statistical data:

There are the following types of pig manure.

Manure type


Method of manure removal

Moisture content, %


Litter manure

Mechanically, seasonally


Natural manure

Mechanically, daily



Self-fusing manure removal system

Mechanically into a channel, minimum water addition, daily



Manure removal system - water wash

Wash out with a large amount of water



Statistical data for pig manure output.


Manure output with moisture content 85%, kg/day

A sow with one litter of 10 pigs

Up to 14.5

Finisher pig

Up to 3.5


It is important not to mix up constant pig stock on the farm with the annual finisher pig output. Within one year pigs have about 2-2.2 turnovers per place. In other words, the annual output and constant finisher pig stock differ two times. It is also important not to mix up breeding stock and finisher pig stock and to calculate the manure outputs separately.

In case of appliance of out-of-date water wash technology, the construction of a biogas plant based on manure effluent with moisture content 98-99% is not effective.

25 m3 of biogas with methane content 55-60% can be produced from 1 ton of manure effluents of a pig complex.

65 m3 of biogas with methane content 55-60% can be produced from 1 ton of natural manure of a pig complex.

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