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During anaerobic fermentation of kitchen waste, biogas and biofertilizers are produced which have no offensive odour. A special feature of SDW (solid domestic waste) treatment is that there is an additional area of kitchen waste pre-treatment: rough and fine separation and neutralization of aqueous organic solution from viruses and bacteria. The prepared substratum is supplied to the biogas installation.

A special feature of our biogas plants is that they are standardized. This reduces the design therefore capital expenditures significantly. In order to do primary calculations of a SDW-based biogas plant, you should know:

  • moisture of waste of a SDW landfill;
  • waste quantity.


If it is difficult to determine the moisture content, you can use some statistical data:


  • Moisture content in waste of a SDW landfill is 70%.
  • During waste sorting, up to 30-35% of kitchen waste is formed of the total volume of waste of the SDW landfill.

Example. From a SDW landfill of 380 tons capacity 110 tons of kitchen waste per day with moisture content 30% can be obtained.

160-200 m3 of biogas can be produced from 1 ton of pre-treated kitchen waste of a SDW landfill.

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