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Sugar mills have seasonal organization of work (90-120 days). Biogas producing equipment can be used in two seasons. In the working period, the biogas plant will process  sugar beet pulp, and to avoid the plant idling during the remaining 8-9 months, siloed beet pulp may be used or energy crops may be cultivated (e.g., to silo maize) for biogas production. The biogas plant may operate on these substrata within the marketing year.

For process purposes, factories usually consume natural gas. If adjustable burners are used for gas burning, biogas can be burned at these burners with no advanced treatment. If burners are non-adjustable, the biogas plant must be equipped with a system of biogas advanced treatment to remove СО2 and bring it up to GOST 5542-87.

Sugar beet pulp-based biogas stations are standardized. You can choose a station of the required capacity from the model range.  To make a choice, you should determine:

  • sugar beet pulp type and moisture content;
  • quantity.


There are two types of sugar beet pulp:

  • Fresh beet pulp

Fermented beet pulp (siloed)

If it is difficult to determine fresh beet pulp moisture content, you can use some statistical data:


Moisture content, %

Dry substances, %

Lateral diffusion



Vertical diffusion



Light pressing

88.0 – 90.0

10.0 – 12.0


82.0 – 83.0

17.0 – 18.0

Deep pressing

68.0 – 75.0

25.0 – 32%


Fresh beet pulp quantity depends on a sugar mill’s capacity and beet pulp’s moisture content, i.e. on a pressing method (if available in the processing chain).

Example. A sugar mill with the capacity of 6.000 tons/day of beet produces: 4.800 tons of sugar beet pulp with moisture content 92.5% (dry substances=7.5%), or 3.000 tons of sugar beet pulp with moisture content 88% (dry substances=12%), or 2.000 tons of sugar beet pulp with moisture content 82% (dry substances=18%), or 1.440 tons of sugar beet pulp with moisture content 75% (dry substances=25%).

120 m3 of biogas (with methane content 55-60%) can be produced from 1 ton of fresh beet pulp with moisture content 75%.

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