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A special feature of our biogas plants is that they are standardized.  This reduces the design therefore capital expenditures significantly.  In order to do primary calculations of a poultry manure-based biogas plant, you should know:

  • manure type and moisture content;
  • quantity.

If it is difficult to determine the moisture content, you can use some statistical data:

There are the following types of poultry manure.

Manure type


Method of manure removal

Moisture content, %


Litter manure

Mechanically, seasonally

Up to 60


Cage manure

Mechanically, daily

Up to 75


Statistical data for poultry manure output.


Manure output with 75% moisture content, g/day



Adult broiler:


on average*






*If poultry is kept on litter, some sawdust or straw are present, and on the other hand, a significant moisture loss takes place. Therefore, poultry manure output is calculated as 40 g of manure with litter and moisture content 60%.

It is important not to mix up constant poultry stock at the poultry factory with the annual broiler output. When calculating the quantity of litter manure, you should take into account that within one year broilers have about 7 turnovers per place. In other words, the annual broiler output and constant broiler stock differ seven times.

135 m3 of biogas with methane content 55-60% can be produced from 1 ton of broiler manure.

90 m3 of biogas with methane content 55-60% can be produced from 1 ton of layer manure.

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