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Brewer pellet is the byproduct of production of beer which can be used as raw material for biogas production. However, there are some peculiarities of brewer pallet fermentation. A two-stage fermentation technology is used in the process of biogas production from brewer pallet.  The separation of acid production and methane production processes in separate tanks enables to get the process stability with no added organics.

For process purposes, factories usually consume natural gas. If adjustable burners are used for gas burning, biogas can be burned at these burners with no advanced treatment. If burners are non-adjustable, the biogas plant must be equipped with a system of biogas advanced treatment to remove СО2 and bring it up to GOST 5542-87.

Brewer pallet-based biogas stations are standardized. You can choose a station of the required capacity from the model range. To make a choice, you should determine:

  • brewer pellet moisture content;
  • quantity.


If it is difficult to determine the moisture content, you can use some statistical data:


  • Moisture content in brewer pellet is 75-80%.
  • In the production of 650…800 decalitres of beer (subject to technology) 1 t of brewer pellet is produced.

Example. A brewery with the capacity of 200.000 decalitres of beer produces 250-300 tons of brewer pellet with moisture content 80% per day.


110 m3 of biogas can be produced from 1 ton of brewer pellet (with methane content 55-65%).


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