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Unfortunately, there is no universal technology and equipment allowing to condition water and treat wastewater at every enterprise, that's why we apply an individual approach to choice of technology and equipment for every certain enterprise taking into account peculiarities of its production and wastewater formation.

Products distributed by ICB Group are used in the following branches:

  • municipal water supply and water treatment facilities;
  • industrial water supply and water treatment facilities;
  • chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Consulting services:

Consultation in the office. Employees of ICB Group will promptly render qualified assistance by phone or just in our office. You will receive comprehensive information on all your questions.

Specialist on-site visit. Specialists of ICB Group will examine already existing and not effectual water conditioning or water treatment facilities for the purpose of selection of the most efficient process solutions.

Preliminary project works

  • Conduct of negotiations with local self-government institutions and Sanitary & Epidemiological Station (SES).
  • Preparation of pre-project documentation.

It is one of the most important stages that ensures further unimpeded project approval. Technical and economic feasibility study, based on the results of the pre-project works, includes project costs, configuration of water treatment facilities, equipment cost as well as cost of pre-commissioning and construction works.

Project works. On the basis of the results of pre-project works the team of ICB Group will skilfully lay down performance specification, carry out highly professional, detailed and accurate design which will pass the examination. We are ready to develop business plan of the project implementation and find sources of project financing or crediting.

Cost estimates. We develop project estimate documentation in accordance with the applicable regulatory legal acts.

Construction and installation work. ICB Group Company performs high quality construction and installation work of any degree of complexity. Technological potential, wide range of manufactured metal structures and professional competence of employees of ICB Group allow to put into effect the boldest decisions and create objects of any degree of complexity.

Equipment supply. ICB Group Company has considerable experience of working with different companies - suppliers of up-to-date and effective equipment all over the world. It allows us to be more flexible and offer equipment which we consider more practically feasible on occasion. Our opportunities allow to effect deliveries on the date and upon the favourable terms.

Pre-commissioning works. Professional team of ICB Group carry out commissioning of treatment facilities, water conditioning facilities and facilities of renewable energy resources achieving project objectives.

Personnel training. ICB Group Company provides training of personnel in order to ensure professional maintenance of treatment facilities. Personnel training means familiarization with the technological line and all equipment (purpose, mode of functioning).

Service. We provide a warranty and post-warranty service of all equipment supplied by our company. Specialists of our company may perform preventive maintenance of the equipment within the warranty period. Upon expiry of the warranty period our specialists will offer you the most favourable terms of maintenance service.

Expert and consulting services. ICB Group provides expert and consulting services in the field of installation and use of water conditioning and wastewater disposal systems. Highly qualified specialists will help to carry out an independent expertise of engineering solutions of other companies, chose process flowsheet and required equipment essential exactly for your needs, esteem adequacy of price parameters and, by that, secure you against unnecessary investments.

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