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"Lusakert Biogas Plant", Lusakert/Armenia.
2007-2008 Construction supervision.
2011-2014 Technical/Technological Management of the plant.
Substrate – Chicken manure (100%) 220 ton/day
Energy production 6.000 MW/year

"HORSENS BIOENERGI APS", Horsense/Denmark  
2014 Consulting/Start up
Substrate: Chicken manure (70%) – 455 ton/day
Co-substrate: Organic solid wastes from the biggest pig
slaughter house in EU (30%) = 195 ton/day.
Energy production: 67.000 MW/year

2013-2014 Construction consulting/Commissioning/Laboratory
control of substrate.
Substrate: Chicken manure (100%) 471 ton/day
Energy production: 27.000 MW/year

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